I (MACRODOT) invest a lot of time — and money! — into creating music. I hope that the effort and attention to detail I put into each track makes for a great listening experience for you.

If you’ve already purchased an album or track, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I really appreciate your support and generosity.

If you want to contribute some cash to help sustain the music-making, you can do so right here in whatever amount you choose ($USD):


Here is a brief list of items that come out of our pockets in order to write music...

  • Studio computers and laptops
  • Upgrading Studio computers and laptops
  • Audio monitors/speakers
  • Synthesizers
  • Mixers
  • Computer software
  • Midi controllers
  • RCA cables, Midi cables, VGA cables, XLR cables
  • Microphones (nice ones arent cheap)
  • Guitars
  • Rack gear (synths, power conditioners, patch bays, etc...)
  • Beer!!! (Hefeweizen)
  • Stand up portable Air Conditioner (its hot in Phoenix!)
  • Electricity bills!
  • Thumb drives (cant have enough of these)
  • Endless Hard Drives
  • Acoustic foam (for my listening)
  • Additional insulation or matting (for my neighbors sake)
  • Travel expenses (when promoters blow)
  • Website hosting fees and domain name registrations
  • Business expenses
  • Flyers, Business Cards, Promos
  • Other stuff... I know Im missing like 100 other little things...

MACRODOT is 100% independent and self-financed, so every dollar you give will go directly towards funding more MACRODOT music! Click the button below to help out!